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In 1924 at known Moscow movie theater of "Ars" on Arbat for the first time instead of the pianist-ballroom pianist habitual the then the orchestra acted. Such change in music of movies found popularity among the audience. Since then, under the leadership of conductor David Bloka, the orchestra began to play at other movie theaters.

In 1930 — the 1940th orchestra executed music for movies of such directors as Sergey Eisenstein, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Grigory Aleksandrov and Ivan Pyryev. Among the subsequent movies musical parts for which performed the orchestra — the movies awarded by the award "Oscar" ("War and peace", "Dersu Uzala", "Tired with the sun", "Moscow doesn't trust tears"), and also modern Russian movies ("Doctor Zhivago", "Miracle", "Chamber No. 6", "Petja on the way to the Kingdom of Heaven", "Tsar", "12", "Admiral").